Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Heeeeere chick chick chick chick chick ~ Tuesday's Show & Tail

These first three pictures were taken in June 2010 when my sister and I visited my Aunt's job in St. Johns, MI.

Cockadoodle doo to you to Mr. Rooster!

See how they've grown?! They have been relocated to my Aunt's property and are thriving!


  1. How cute are those little guys!? :)

  2. Chickens are so lovely - they come in so many different colors and never cease to amaze me! And, nothing better than fresh eggs for cooking and baking!

  3. When I was a young child in Germany, we had chickens and usually a couple of roosters. We had a really mean one and he didn't last long after he hacked my knees bloody one day - I think roosters are very handsome birds and the chickens, well, what would we do without them?

    Baby chicks and ducklings are just about the cutest things ever! Thanks for showing us your photos!

  4. We have chickens as well, that we raised from chicks. They are such a joy to watch. And funny too!

  5. How wonderful to see their transformation from gawky youngsters to majestic adults. I've always loved to watch chickens, they are so funny in their movements. I'm your newest follower! Ann

  6. Holy Moosepoops, have they grown! The Roosters are so handsome, aren't they? My neighbor's rooster doesn't like me...and that's OK...because now I don't like him either!...:)JP

  7. I just love looking at chickens! I can't get my husband to get some for our farm. He doesn't want to clean up after them! lol So I guess I'll just have to settle with looking at my neighbor's chickens.

    Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

  8. You have chickens too? Gosh everyone has some - except me.


  9. Thanks all ~ and WELCOME to The Boston Lady!!!

    No, I don't have chickens. They are my aunt's in Michigan. But she sure does love them, lol!