Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Giveaway Win!!!

I have to send a big shout out again to Angela for the Tuesday’s Show & Tail. Although I didn’t participate this week, I do have a late post for it:


This is what I decided upon for my win from her 1 year Anniversary of hosting Tuesday’s Show & Tail! On the left is a chicken feeder. On the right is a repurposed sewing gadget (can’t remember what she called it) and a candle stick to go with it. Now, I had a tough time deciding what I liked as there were a few items that peaked my interest. I finally asked my sister to take a look and she liked the chicken feeder. So, she will be receiving it tomorrow at work. (As I type this, Sandy – the cat – is busily scoping out the box and has now knocked it over! Stupid cat!!! LOL)


  1. You're welcome Jules! I like what you picked out too! Is that marshmallows in the feeder or cotton balls? That's a cute idea. Cats can be so nosy can't they! lol The sewing gadget looks like an old wooden spool that thread would have been on back in the day.

    Have a Great Day!

  2. Just stopping by to say hello. sandie

  3. Hi there - that wooden gadget is an antique textile bobbin, and now it's a candle holder complete with the nubby candle! And what a nice surprise for your sister! Have a great week - ClassyChassy

  4. @Angela: It was actually packing peanuts. I decided to leave them in for the picture, but they were removed shortly after.

    I took the chicken feeder to work to give to my sister today and she said "You picked the chicken feeder, huh?!" I said "Yeah, it's for you!". She said "What?!?!" She likes it a lot. She is contemplating whether the holes are big enough for mini Resees, LOL!