Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Emerald (1991-2008): Tuesday's Show & Tail!

I got Emerald when she was around a year old from some good friends in San Diego. Actually, it was my then-husband Pete who adopted her for us and I eventually kept her when we divorced. We had five cats at the time so I kept 3 and he kept 2. Anyway, Emmykins (as I called her) was my travel buddy. I moved around several times after the divorce and she always sat right there next to me in the vehicle. She traveled to Las Vegas, Flagstaff (AZ), DeWitt (MI) and finally Zephyrhills (FL). In 2008, my Emmykins became very ill and her kidneys began to shut down so I decided the best and humane thing was to let her go to the Rainbow Bridge. It was a very hard decision since she was 17 years old and had been my constant companion for almost her entire life. I decided to create a small scrapbook in her honor shortly after her death (click on the picture to be taken to a slideshow): 


I do have to explain some of the pics: I pulled the drawer open and found her there asleep; the one where I am holding her, I was around 2 1/2 months pregnant (1995); the one where she is eating something off the table, that is a piece of pancake; next to it is her sitting on the balcony at our Las Vegas apartment; and of course the little girl petting her is Ariel around age 4.

Emerald was by far one of my favorite pets and I still miss her from time to time.


  1. A very nice album....It is always hard to make the decision when a pet-friend is ill and suffering. I've always had to tell myself that if they were such a good friend to me, I must do the best I know for them and that is to end their suffering the most gentle way I know how. You will always have the memories of your Emerald, and the memories will go with you wherever you may go!

  2. What a lovely scrapbook that you made of all of your memories of Emerald. I should do one for my first baby who was a chihuahua. It doesn't matter how many years ago it was that we loose our pets we will always remember them like it was yesterday. I know I do and my girl has been gone for 8 years. Wow, even now it didn't seem that long until I counted it up. Some animals just touch our hearts and stay right there with us.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful memories of Emerald with us this week!

    Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

  3. I noticed you didn't put your link on my blog so I did it for you. I hope you don't mind :)

  4. Thanks Angela! I was thinking about that a couple hours ago while out delivering flowers. Please feel free to do that whenever I forget...


  5. Welcome to blog land. Sorry you lost her - that has to be hard to have lost Emerald. I think making a book about Emerald is a great idea.

    I am a friend of Angela and Monica.


  6. Thanks Sandie! I have actually been blogging for a couple years now, lol.